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Walfredo De Los Reyes and his All Star Band
Cuban Jazz

Note of interest: Walfredo’s setup is 2 sets of timbales, 18″ bass drum, 14″ tom, 16″ cymbal, and one cha cha bell.

Walfredo De Los Reyes Sr., Julio Guerrero, Luis Escalante, Paquito Echeverria, “Pellejo” Luis Rodriguez , “Cachao” Israel Lopez , Jesus Caunedo, Los Papines.

Walfredo de los Reyes, Jr. y Su Orquesta
Cuban Jazz con Sabor

Note of interest: On Sin timbal (and most of the session) Walfredo plays conga and timbales together. This was the Orquesta from the Hotel Nacional at the Casino Parissien (Night Club) from around 1955-1959.

Fajardo y sus All-Stars
Cuban Jam Session Vol. 3

Notes: Walfredo plays drum set and timbales together on Juaniquita and Pa’ Coco Solo.

Cuban Jam Session direccion de Julio Gutierrez

Note of interest: Walfredo is not on the cover because the company refused to pay the band for the session. Walfredo decided not to attend the photo shoot.

Tito Rodriguez and His Orchestra
Latin Twist

Note of interest: Arrangements and conducting by Nick Perito who was also Perry Como’s arranger at that time.

Walfredo De Los Reyes Sr, Paquito, Tany Gil, Israel “Cachao” Lopez


Louie Bellson
Side Track

Louie Bellson, Frank Collett, John Heard, Don Menza, Sam Noto, Walfredo De Los Reyes.

Walfredo De Los Reyes & Louie Bellson
Ecué Ritmos Cubanos

Louis Bellson, Walfredo De Los Reyes Sr., Walfredo De Los Reyes Jr., Alejandro Acuna, Francisco Aguabella, Emil Richards, Manolo Badrena, John B. Williams JR., “Cachao” Israel Lopez, Clare Fischer, Luis Conte, “Paquito” Francisco Hechavarria, Lew Tabackin, Cat Anderson, “El Negro” Alejandro Vivar.


Rolando La’Serie & Tito Puente
Pachanga in New York

Walfredo on timbales and drum set